Winter Hump Update

Winter Hump Update
July 12th, 2016 0 Comments

Who is lost the most to date… at week 6?

Some of our participants have been putting in the hard yards and have seen some awesome results so far, with a combined weight loss of approximately 40kg and this is just the people who have told us there results!

Here are our some of our individual results from our A Healthier You and group training members;

Nicole Simic down 7kgs to date doing A Healthier You & group training

Kerry Bussoletti down 3.7kgs to date doing A Healthier You & group training

Photo 12-07-2016, 11 20 30 AM


Chris McCabe down 7kgs to date doing Group training

Photo 12-07-2016, 11 21 48 AM


Lynda Waddell down 4kgs to date doing Personal TrainingLynda


AHY_LOGO_apr14(ChodatL_YES)Our A Healthier You team results to date:

  • Angela Chambers – 3kg Loss
  • Toni Bolte – 3kg Loss
  • Joanne Morell – 3.7kg Loss
  • Kim Hastings – 2kg Loss
  • Craig Osborne – 3kg Loss
  • Sarah Janson – 5kg Loss
  • Allison Butler – 2kg Loss
  • Suzie G – 2kg Loss
  • Sally G – 0.8kg Loss
  • Kim McMullan – 2.5kg Loss
  • Anita Mirevski – 1.5kg Loss
  • Emilia Mitrevski – 0.5kg Loss