Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming
April 30th, 2019 0 Comments

Slowly the days are getting shorter and cooler, winter must be around the corner. It’s time to prepare for training in this time of year, as shaping your summer body begins now. There are a number of factors to cover when planning your winter training schedule.

  • Set your goals, failure to do this is like building a house with no plan
  • Ensure you are ready for the training load/style you are about to tackle
  • Ensure you have the correct clothing (compression garments, jackets, reflective clothing)
  • Plan your week to ensure you get the best out of each session
  • Allow yourself a lighter week of training every 6 weeks and include a deep tissue massage at the end of each month
  • Check your joggers and see if they need an upgrade, joggers that have been used year in , year out with provide less stability and shock absorption
  • Jump on a challenge or program that your local fitness provider or gym offer to ensure you have a great level of accountability and direction with your training
  • If playing winter sports always ensure you warm down by light jogging and stretching after the match

Adhering and planning for these points will allow you to have a successful winter program, and make the cooler months a breeze to get through.

Happy training!