A Healthier You- RESULTS

A Healthier You- RESULTS
April 21st, 2014 0 Comments

Team total weight loss = 19.2kgs & Total body centimetres loss = 51.5cm

The program now complete; 6 weeks of fitness guidance, food diaries and coaching, tips and tricks and healthy meal choices.

Not everyone had goals of weight loss, some were to tone up and not lose weight, others were to educate themselves, others to become more organised…We have some great results.

Well done to the small group of 5 people who completed the program and were dedicated to start the process of achieving their goals. ~

*Remember 0.5- 1kg per week is the weight loss goal per week this is a healthy rate to lose weight. Its a fact that it takes 12 weeks or more to create new habits so this is just the start for this crew. We guide our clients to find their happy balance, to be able to enjoy life and its benefits (food and exercise) in a healthy way.


>Franca Barila lost 7kgs and a total of 20.5cm from her body shape! Her goal was weight loss. READ MORE

>Nina Visaggio lost 4.1+kg and 9cm from her body shape!Her goal was weight loss. READ MORE

>Julia Kaul lost 3.5+kg and a total of 9cm from her body shape! Her goal was weight loss. READ MORE

>Boris Tesanovic lost 4kgs and a total of 9cm from his body shape! His goal was to drop a few KGs and to learn more about food and endurance running. Boris took up the 2 Personal Training sessions with this offer and has improved immensely. He just completed a 10km run in his PT session in a time he was happy with.His next aim in 14km in prep for the City to Surf run. READ MORE

>Chirs White lost 1kgs and a total of 4cm from his body shape! His goal was to learn about food a little more and to obtain some inspiration regarding food preparation and general meals. Chris now has more structure with his daily calorie intake and tried many of the recipes we supply in the program. READ MORE

We are very proud of all that completed the program and impressed with the dedication to achieve for yourself!

The next program starts in week 8 of the WINTER HUMP, email info@chodatfitness. if you are interested and would like more info

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