November 2014 ‘A Healthier You’ Team Results

November 2014 ‘A Healthier You’ Team Results
January 8th, 2015 0 Comments


Total team weight loss of 10.8kg and total body centimetres lost 31cm!



There were 5 members who completed the ‘A Healthier You’ November program with goals varying between weight loss, improved muscle tone, cleaner eating and education.

The 6 week personalised program provided food and exercise plans and encouraged participants to keep accountable with their personal goals by submitting a weekly food and exercise diary to be reviewed by their coach. Weekly email correspondence to participants included recipes, tips & tricks designed to educate and support participants to achieve their health goals.

We wish all the participants the best in continuing their health goals this year and may 2015 be their healthiest year yet!


Sash Zdravkovski: Lost 4.3kg and 13cm. Sash snip AHY

His goal was weight loss, fitness and health education.

Toni Bolte:  Lost 1.8kg and 5.5cm. Her goal was weight loss and improved eating habits.

Nina Visaggio: Lost 0.8kg and 8.5cm. Her goal is healthier eating and improved fitness levels, she intends to continue injury management training in the gym.

Karla House: Lost 1.8kg and 4cm. Her goal was weight loss and improved fitness levels and is continuing personal training sessions on a weekly basis to maintain focus on her 2015 health goals.

Sue Reid: Lost 2.1kg. Her goal was accountability with weight loss and healthy eating.


Congratulations to all participants, you should be proud of your achievements – keep it up!

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The next ‘A Healthier You’ Program starts on 2nd March 2015. If you are interested or would like more information please contact