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Struggling with your 2016 weight loss goals ‘A Healthier You’ Starting 7th March may be the answer to achieve weight loss success!

With so much information readily available and different ‘fads’ emerging almost weekly it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused about the best way to tackle your weight loss challenges. Here’s a bit of an insight into where you may be going wrong….


#1 – Ban the fad diet – weight loss is all about consistency, short term changes will only produce short term results – your focus should be on making long term, sustainable lifestyle changes that see you lose the excess weight once and for good. Those who lose weight gradually, think 0.5kg/week are much more likely to keep it off.

#2 – Make one meal a day all about vegetables and salads – whether it be a green smoothie at breakfast or a generous pile of veg at lunch or dinner this will ensure you get the vitamins and minerals you need at a low calorie price. Focus on additions rather than restrictions. More vegetables and salad in your diet will in turn trim back other ingredients in that meal that are more energy dense.

#3 – Treat yourself in moderation – it’s better to have a small treat a few days a week than feel completely deprived and end up binging. It’s about treating yourself right and following an 80/20 principle – do the right thing most of the time and then the occasional extra won’t come at such a high price.

#4 – Move more – this isn’t just about making the most of your structured work-outs by mixing it up and challenging yourself with weights and intensity but also committing to  keep moving as much as possible throughout the day. This is vital to keeping your metabolism buzzing and helps to generate a calorie deficit.

#5 – Seek out support – Many people offer advice around ‘quick fixes’ but getting professional assistance can be the solution to reaching your goals once and for all! Finding a support network with like-minded individuals and experts in the area can keep you accountable and on track to make 2016 your year!

Our 6 week ‘A Healthier You’ program can give you accountability and support from health and exercise professionals. Let us help you lose those excess kilo’s, centimetres, improve your nutrition or increase your lean muscle mass!

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