$2000 WINNER ANNOUNCED Winter Hump 2015

$2000 WINNER ANNOUNCED Winter Hump 2015
September 5th, 2015 0 Comments

WINNER  Elle Keeper- Holding

Total body mass loss of 18.05%  – 14kg and 39.5cm lost


This year we changed the objective for the individual challenge. This year a transformation needed to take place for someone to win the $2000 cash prize, results were based on a percentage of total body mass loss; calculated on 50% weight loss and 50% total centimetres lost.Many outdoor group classes, personal training sessions, massages, appointments with physios and encouraging conversations were had to ensure all Chodat members had the best chance of making a change for themselves and have a chance at winning the cash.

Transformation is not just weight loss and muscle gain it’s having the mental determination to achieve, no matter how big or small the transformation, physical or mental.

We would like to acknowledge all members who took part in the challenge and we have watched and supported all of you through the last 13 weeks to strive to your goal, what ever that may be.

 RUNNER-UP  Rod Fielding

Total body mass loss of 17.56%  – 24.8kg and 35cm lost


winter hump fitness challenge

3rd PLACE  Rob Corolla

Total body mass loss of 12.58%  – 18.6kg and 23cm lost


winter hump challange

 AHY_LOGO_apr14(ChodatL_YES)‘A Healthier You’ program was offered along side the challenge to assist the success of members through the 13 weeks. There were a total of 19 people that did the program and here are some of their results READ MORE




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