A Healthier You Results Winter Hump 2015

a healthier you
September 5th, 2015 0 Comments

Total Team Weight Loss: 103.2 kg

Total Team Centimetres Loss: 220 cm

Well done to all 19 participants of June’s Winter Hump ‘A Healthier You’ Program. The program delivered food and exercise guidance and participants complete a weekly food and exercise diary to be reviewed weekly by their coach. Weekly emails with recipes, tips & tricks and group focal points were received with the purpose of accountability and increased education to support participants to achieve their health goals.

For many, this 13 week program is just the start of an ongoing lifestyle change and served as a kick start for new habits.

High Achieving  Individual Results:

Elle Holder Keeping: Lost 14kg and 39.5cm total body mass loss of 18.05%.  Her goal was weight loss, increased fitness levels and general health improvement. Elle believes it’s not just weight loss that ‘transforms’ someone, you need to be mentally in the right place, positive and accepting of ones self.  Elle also won the $2000 Winter Hump challenge , she was the person who was most transformed and had the highest body mass percentage loss, she was very closely followed by Rod Fielding in second place. READ MORE


Rob Corrolla AHY_SNIPRob Corolla: Lost 18.6kg and 23cm total body mass loss of 12.58%.  READ MORE



A healthier you winter hump


Dave Sorensen: Lost 8.4kg and 22.5cm total body mass loss of 11.26% READ MORE


Kim Hastings AHY_SNIP

Kim Hastings: Lost 7kg and 14cm total body mass loss of 8.25%  READ MORE



Robbie Rymer AHY_SNIPRobbie Rymer: Lost 7.8kg and 14.5cm total body mass loss of 8.14% 




Congratulations to all participants, we are proud of your achievements to date and are here to support you with your ongoing health goals.

The next six weekA Healthier You’ Program starts November 2nd 2015 If you are interested or would like more information please contact info@www.chodatfitness.com.au.

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